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Projabi Helps You Build Your Project Portfolio and Develop Real World Leadership Skills.

Press Room

Over the last 5 years, members have achieved some great milestones. Our Press Room here will share some of those facts, press releases, and additional information that you may need to write a story about a Projabi Project or Student.

Projabi Facts

  • Projabi Was Created By Gary Engels, A Martial Arts Instructor and Martial Arts School Owner In Woodruff, WI.
  • The ‘Project Based Leadership Training’ Idea Was Created Through The Ultimate Black Belt Test By Team Coach and 6th Dan Master Instructor Tom Callos.
  • The Philosophy and Concepts Of PROJABI Follow Closely With The Ideas and Training Provided By The100 – A Martial Arts Association.
  • We Have A Goal To Complete and Record 1000+ Community Based Projects Through Project Based Leadership Training Effectively Creating The Largest Project Portfolio In Existence.
  • Our Program Is Designed To Work Effectively With Public and Private Schools To Assist Children In Learning REAL Leadership Through Taking ACTION.
  • Our Program Is Also Designed To Be A Ready Made System For Adults To Dive In and Become Role Models and Active, Participative Citizens In Their Communities While Helping Their Families Grow Together.
  • Projabi Is Based Off The Mental and Spiritual Knowledge and Training From Various Martial Arts Styles. The Ideas Of Action, Discipline, Perseverance, Service, Awareness, Courage, Honor, Trust, Integrity, and Vision Are Just As Apparent In Projabi’s Leadership Training Program As They Are In The Dojo (Martial Arts Training Facility)
  • The Mission Of Projabi Is To Assist Students (Children and Adults, Martial Artists and Non-Martial Artists) In Taking The Lessons Of Leadership Found On This Site and Apply Them, Through Real Action, Out In Their Communities To Learn, Through Experience, What Leadership Is Truly About.
  • Leadership Is A Theory, It’s An Idea. Until Someone Experiences Real Life Examples of Leadership In Their Life, They Are Not Learning Leadership.
  • Both Children and Adults Need To Become The Action Hero Of Their Own Journey In Order To Truly Be Inspired To Take Action In Their Communities Through Project Based Leadership Training. This Is The Premise Of The Online Training and Results Tracking Website We Offer.
  • There Are Many Different Methods Of Leading A Group To Success. There Are Many Different Styles and Theories On How To Lead. Each Person Develops Their Own Method Of Leadership. Projabi Gives That Person A Platform From Which To Practice Their Leadership Ability and Develop Their Own Leadership Style For A Future Of Real Life Leadership and Success.



Press Releases

(.doc) – Karate Students Defend Against a Bad Christmas
Hoping to help others and redefine the meaning of “self-defense,” the members of Woodruff’s Leadership Academy Martial Arts have joined together to complete some powerful projects that have a made a dramatic difference in our community for the end of 2007. (Full Story)

(.doc) – Martial Arts Students Lead the Way With Animal Preservation
Nikki Engels, co-owner of Leadership Academy in Woodruff, WI put together a project to demonstrate leadership outside of the community. Her mission was to take something small and turn it into a large contribution to help animal preservation. One of the many leadership lessons taught at Leadership Academy is that small actions in our communities and in our world can grow into big results and make a dramatic difference. (Full Story)

(.doc) – Martial Artists Assist Families With Hospitalized Children
Through Alex’s research he discovered that the Ronald McDonald houses have a tremendous impact on families who have terminally ill children.  They provide a “home away from home” environment for families who have to travel far distances to get medical treatment.  The families and children have a chance to connect with one another and support each other through difficult and frustrating times.  They also provide the families with a private home-like room where they can rest and be close to their child. (Full Story)

(.doc) – Adreanna’s Charitable Halloween Birthday Party
Adreanna Dietrich decided to have a birthday party in celebration of her turning 7.  However, she didn’t want to have an ordinary birthday party, she wanted to have a Charitable Halloween party where she donated all of her gifts to an organization called “Toys For Tots” so other children have a great christmas. (Full Story)


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