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Projabi Helps You Build Your Project Portfolio and Develop Real World Leadership Skills.


“If A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words,
Than An Action Is Worth A Thousand Pictures.”

~ Grand Master Jhoon Rhee
World Renowned 10th Degree Black Belt

Projabi uses an online, Project Based Leadership Training website, that allows you to track your completed projects and create an impressive Project Portfolio that you can use for the rest of your life. It’s easy to use, easy to navigate, fast and simple. But don’t let its simplicity deceive you; underneath the gleam, it’s got some powerful features and is extremely productive in developing leaders through Project Based Leadership Training.

Our Philosophy

Projabi is still pretty new, but our experience has proven a few things:

bullet Project Based Leadership Training Is Without A Doubt The Best Method For Creating Leaders Because It Creates Opportunities For Powerful Experiences And Challenges That Will Help The Participant Practice Real Leadership.

bullet People, in general, are good, and they possess a power within to overcome adversity and achieve their goals in life. Some people call this power courage, some call it initiative, some even call this power self reliance.

bullet PBLT can be practiced at any age and is extremely versatile for many different project types and interests. (Environmental Self Defense, Animals, World Awareness…etc)

bullet Leadership Is Learned Through Your Experiences.
Powerful Experiences Create Leaders. Period.

bullet We’ve found the Projabi System to be an amazing system for helping youth unlock their inner potential to achieve great things in their lives through taking ACTION, building upon past success, and taking many leadership roles.

bullet Persistence And Push (‘Never Quit’ Attitude) Are Necessary For Your Success and can be practiced through completing and recording community action projects and creating a project portfolio.

bullet We believe that Projabi can help children and adults connect positive thoughts with positive actions effectively teaching them how to achieve great things and become very successful later on in life.

bullet Though Projabi Was Started By Martial Artists, It Is A Readily Available System For Any Group Or Team To Participate And Learn Real Leadership.

bullet Creating A Project Portfolio and Completing The Leadership Training Within Projabi Can Not Only Help You Learn REAL Leadership Skills, But It Will Assist You In Getting Into A Great Secondary School (College),  Get That Highly Competitive Job Opportunity That You’ve Been Working Towards,  And Create A Lifetime Of Success And Happiness Through Positive Action And Activism.

Every project, challenge, and word on this site was written with these principles and experiences in mind. If all of that sounds good to you then maybe you can help us out with our mission and build your own Project Portfolio while learning real leadership in the process!