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Projabi Helps You Build Your Project Portfolio and Develop Real World Leadership Skills.

Project Creation

Projabi Projects All Have 3 Parts.

Create. Execute. Inspire.

Every Project Is Created By The Project Leader. YOU.

It’s ok to help younger members, however it’s important that the Project Leader chooses project topic and direction. It’s part of the training. It’s about owning your project and the pride of seeing it through to completion.

Find a Project Topic.

Do you like working with Animals? Are you focused on keeping our earth clean?
Do you want to collect something for a donation to an organization?
(i.e. local food pantry, or animal shelter)
Or do you want to spread awareness for a certain cause or idea that’s important to you.
(ie. Stop Bullying, Women’s Self Image, Diabetes…etc)

Your Project Will Follow 5 Rules.

1. Involve 2 or More People
2. Benefit Someone or Something
3. Project is Chosen By Participant
4. Not Complicated – Couple of Hours Only
5. Documented In Project Portfolio

Begin Recording/Tracking Your Project Details.

When you click on START A NEW PROJECT, you’ll be asked to fill out a few questions to start your project. This is designed to help you organize your thoughts and get you started on the right track.

Your project could be BIG and involve an entire city…
…or it could be smaller and involve just a few friends.

Start planning… the better you plan… the better the results.

You won’t have to finish your project now

Just get started and save your project details for the next time.

Once you’ve got a plan…Execute it with true leadership.

You’ll want to set a completion date and choose your team. You may have to recruit others to help you complete your project. IT’S ALL ABOUT COLLABORATION.

Other people may have some key ideas or skill sets to help your project come to life.

Your Leadership Will Be Challenged.

The 5 rules of PBLT are put in place to make this experience educational and fun. When you dive into this type of experiential training and build a team to complete your project, your leadership skills will be developed.

You may not be very good at leading others… yet. But that’s why this is the perfect place to practice. Model the success of others and your ability to lead others to success will grow with every project completed with Projabi.

Record the Journey.

Your success in this project will be recorded through photo and video. This is an important component to executing your project as you’ll be building a Project Portfolio that you can use for years down the road.

Not good at photography and your not a video editor? No problem… it doesn’t have to be perfect, but you should have record of your project. You can delegate this task to someone else on your team if you’d like but make sure you keep good record of your project (at the time of completing it)

An Act of Leadership Is To Inspire Others To Greatness.

One of the best things you can do here is to record your project as fully and accurately as possible. Someone else, across the country or around the world, may read your project and become inspired.

The greatest compliment you could receive is for someone else to copy your project, maybe even tweak it a little bit, and duplicate your results in another part of the world.

Edit Your Project Details.

Once you’ve successfully executed your project and got results for your community, come back to this site and Edit Your Project Details. Record as much detail as you can, you never know who’s watching. Your ultimate goal with your project is to INSPIRE someone else through your actions/results.