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Projabi Helps You Build Your Project Portfolio and Develop Real World Leadership Skills.

5 Rules To Every Project

1. Involve 2 or More People

Every project, for you to get the most benefit in learning real leadership skills, has to involve at least 2 other people besides yourself.

Your project may involve the entire city, it may be a multi-school project, or it may just include a few friends and family. As long as it involves at least 2 other people, you will be placed in a leadership role and will learn through experience.


2. Benefit Someone or Something

Service to Community. That’s what Projabi is all about. What better way to practice and develop your own leadership skills for your future, than by serving your community through some project.

Benefit Someone: Do you know Someone that could use some help? Do you know some group or organization that could use some help?

Benefit Something: Is there a building or park in disrepair? Have you found a roadside that needs some cleaning up?

Engage your community, get others involved in your project as the bigger your project becomes, the more good you can do for someone or something in your community.


3. Project is Chosen By Participant

Passion. In order for the project to truly evolve and become successful, the project leader needs to be passionate about the topic.

When the project leader CARES about the outcome, he or she will push the envelope to get results. If the project leader was given the project idea with no emotional connection to the idea… than it stands a good chance of being unsuccessful.

Choose a project that lights your fire!


4. Not Complicated – Couple of Hours Only

The nature of Projabi and PBLT is that these are simple projects that could be done in a few hours of time. You shouldn’t have to quit your day job to complete your project.

If you’re spending more than a couple of hours on your project, than you have yet to master the art of delegation… getting things done through the efforts of others… a very important leadership skill.


5. Documented In Project Portfolio

Projabi is an online Project Portfolio.

You’ll be recording each project here. When you complete it, it will be forever linked to your account. Over time, you’ll be building your own Project Portfolio which can be used to get into college, apply for a great job that requires Leadership Skills. You’ll be able to show them a sample of your work, and your evolution over time.

You’ll be able to see, in your project portfolio, your ability to lead others grow with every project. Each time you start a project, you’ll do a little bit better.

Also, your project will become a part of your TEAM’s Project Portfolio. If you are a part of a group, your project will be added to theirs as well.